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Pan is the god of arts and music, lord of the forest and mischiefs, according to myths. His ancient ritual included homosexual sacred sex, and he even has his own temple, right here in the north of Israel. Pan Art Gallery is an online homosexual art gallery based in Tel Aviv, dedicated to male body art in all its various forms and media. Curated by Erez Bialer, the gallery promotes and sells original artworks and signed and numbered prints, by homosexual artists from Israel, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, and more.

 © Lior Horesh


The purpose of the gallery is to have fine homo art, dedicated to the male body, made accessible to all. Among acclaimed award-winning artists featured in the gallery are photographer Lior Horesh (IL), painter Eitan Kedmy (IL), sculpturer Sid Henderson (USA), designer Tony Mentel (UK) and mixed media duo Greiflazic (Germany).

The curatorial line of the gallery is to display anything aesthetically appealing, connecting between the godly divine and man, between fiction and reality, in a homosexual manner. Media varies between fine art photography, oil, pastel and acrylic paintings, ink and conte drawings, porcelain sculptures, and even fine mineral carved icons. The gallery is also one of the first online art businesses in Israel to accept payment in cryptocurrency, and to work with Blockchain technology to authenticate items.

 © Mati Gelman

The mere idea of having a gay art gallery based in Israel – a religious country where an anti-lgbt political party just recently rose to power in the parliament for the first time – is ground breaking. To display male nudity in an artistic context is still very controversial, even within the gay community, here in Tel Aviv. But we are here, as we have always been, from the dawn of time. Join on June 24th in the official launch event of the gallery, honoring our artists, and celebrating a temporary printed exhibition of the artworks, during Pride 2021 in Tel Aviv.

 © Ori Paul Levi

Header by Martin Darling

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